Helping Others Help Others to Serve the "LORD"



We focus on the arts and the culture, the total of the groups of people with inherited ideas, beliefs, values, and knowledge that originated in our mind. We share the traditions, with the groups of people creating the belief that we are one. So we teach the music learning in social areas and in the community, including all the young people. We spend lot of time with the mass to create awareness to bring peace and happiness among the community. The arts and cultural dancing and so on, is one of the integral parts of human being in daily life. Therefore, as an organization to protect the society with peace and prosperity that are used to the lonely and the disadvantaged people

Our Aim: Our object and aim is to bring globally equal to the advanced world. In this regard, we create the base for the inopportunity people.

PLACE-BASED INITIATIVES: We support the creative practitioners that work in disadvantaged areas and low income operatives. That's why creativity is most important for the comprehensive community Development. We need your supports in whatever that can be possible.

LOCAL SYSTEMS: We assist projects that are ready to adoptions we work among the old aged both widows and help to the aged people. Please acknowledge and activate.

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